Sunrise at Golden Gate Bridge

Before and After

People are sometimes curious what an image looks like before post processing. Here are some examples that highlight the editing done after taking the photo. I have three goals when I sit down and start editing. First, I want to punch up the sky to make it more vibrant. Second, I want to help draw the viewer’s eye toward the subject. Finally, I sharpen each image to give it a crisp look. Use the slider to see the before and after of the shots found below.

Mobile users: Tap left or right of the slider in each image.

  • Before-Pacific Ocean Sunset
    After-Pacific Ocean Sunset
    Before Pacific Ocean Sunset After

  • Before-Sunrise at Golden Gate Bridge
    After-Sunrise at Golden Gate Bridge
    Before Sunrise at Golden Gate Bridge After

  • Before-Laguna Beach
    After-Laguna Beach
    Before Laguna Beach After

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